So excited that you’re interested in learning! Currently, Sohan offers watercolor painting classes on Skillshare. You can learn about watercolor basics, or follow along with projects like pet portraiture in watercolor or creating a watercolor archway with beautiful florals. We hope you enjoy these great classes and let us know if there are topics that interest you!

Spiritual Art, Gurbani Calligraphy, Gurmukhi Calligraphy, Sikh Art, Kundalini Yoga Art, Spiritual Name Designs


Through Skillshare you can access Sohan’s watercolor classes for a monthly fee and you have access to thousands of other classes on Skillshare as well!

Pet Portraits, Cat Portraits, Dog Portraits Austin


Soon you can participate in Sohan’s online courses at your own pace and pay only for the classes you would like to view. Sign up for the newsletter and you’ll be the first to know!

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